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Pac-12 Tournament Will Move From Staples Center To Las Vegas Next Year, According To Reports

The Staples Center looks like it is about to embark on its last hoorah as host of the Pac-12 tournament as the tournament will be heading to the City of Lights, according to reports.

Salt Lake City was also in the running but it looks like the Pac-12 tournament will move to Las Vegas starting next year. The tournament has been held at Staples for the past 11 years but the crowd numbers have not been to the Pac-12's liking. The contract with Staples is up after this week's tournament, and after dropping to below 60,000 fans last year - including only 12,074 for the title game between the Washington Huskies and Arizona Wildcats - the Pac-12 is looking for a change.

Jeff Robbins, the president and CEO of the Utah Sports Commisssion, put together a proposal to get the tournament in Salt Lake City in 2013 and 2014 but is sure that his dream will not come to be. Robbins spoke with the Salt Lake City Tribune.

"We really haven't received any information," Robbins said. "We're a little bit like everybody else, just waiting to see. The only thing we were told is they were hoping to hear around the conference tournament."

With UCLA and USC suffering from some mediocre seasons recently, interest has been low. But a Vegas move would definitely change all of that.