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Rick Neuheisel Will Work For Pac-12 Network In 2012, According To Report

The Pac-12 Network will revolutionize the way fans all across the country watch their favorite teams compete in a wide range of sports. Not only will football and basketball games be televised, but baseball, softball, volleyball and all sorts of events will be televised.

Rick Neuheisel has always been regarded as a professional throughout his career, and despite his struggles with the UCLA Bruins over the years, he still has a very impressive mind for the game.

According to a report on Thursday, Neuheisel will serve as an analyst and color commentator at various football games throughout the season. We have a few more details after the jump...

It is good to see coach Neuheisel staying involved with the Pac-12 conference, and it will be interesting to hear his thoughts on the Bruins throughout the year. Fans may recall that new Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez spent last year working for CBS Sports Network before heading to Tucson. Could Neuheisel follow in his footsteps and land a job next fall?