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Shabazz Muhammad Recruiting: UCLA, Kentucky, Duke Top 3

Shabazz Muhammad is the top recruit left in the country that remains uncommitted. Many consider him the best prospect on the board, period. So where's he going to end up?

If recent indications mean anything, the UCLA Bruins should feel comfortable that they'll get their shot. Dave Telep has more from his ESPN Insider article ($).

"I’m considering five but there are three that (standout)," Muhammad said.

UCLA, Duke and Kentucky (in no order) are above Kansas and UNLV -- the others in his top five.

UCLA has long been considered the favorite--Shabazz has been a fan of the Bruins for sometime, and hasn't really wavered in his interest despite the lack of success for the Bruins this season. Still, the success of Kentucky has to be alluring, and Duke offers many of the similar athletic and academic amenities that UCLA brings to the table. Should be a compelling race all the way to decision time.

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