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Ben Howland Stays UCLA Basketball Coach In 2012-13

The UCLA Bruins have announced that Ben Howland will be returning for the 2012-13 season as the head basketball coach.


UCLA Bruins head coach Ben Howland has fallen on hard times in Westwood. In the last three years, he's finished 56-43, with one losing season of 14-18, and now a total postseason whiff this year at 19-14. There were some rumblings that Howland might not be brought back this year because of his inability to produce postseason success.

But it looks as if Howland will get at least one more year to right the ship. UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero filed this report.

I had several discussions with Head Coach Ben Howland before deciding on what was best for the future of UCLA Basketball. Subsequent to these conversations, and in consultation with Chancellor Block, I have made the decision that the UCLA men's basketball program will remain under Coach Howland's leadership and direction.

Howland has proven that he can get the right players to come to Westwood and produce. Those three straight trips to the Final Four still loom large, and Howland has three Pac-12 championships to go along with two near ones. However, the more distant Howland gets from those glory days, the less of a chance he has of making a direct impact.

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