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UCLA Basketball Scandal: Bruins Respond To Sports Illustrated Article

Geroge Dohrmann's article in the latest edition of Sports Illustrated has seriously opened some eyes on the current status of the UCLA men's basketball program, but now top members of the UCLA administration and athletic programs are making their responses heard to the claim's made about their basketball program:

Chancellor Gene Block:

"It is disheartening for our Bruin community to be confronted with the type of assertions contained in the Sports Illustrated story. We take seriously any challenge to who we are and what we are about, and I am confident that any issues in our men's basketball program will be rectified."

Director of Athletics Dan Guerrero:

"I have discussed the Sports Illustrated story with Coach Howland and Chancellor Block and we will continue to address any issues and concerns. Like many in the Bruin family, I am disappointed. That said, I know that we have, and will continue to provide, the necessary resources, education and support for all of our coaches, staff and student-athletes."

Head Men's Basketball Coach Ben Howland:

"Like everyone else, I am always looking forward to improving as both a person and as a coach. I am proud of the coaches, staff and student-athletes in our program, and I look forward to our future."

Obviously there is going to be a lot of disappointment after reading some of the things written in the story, but it's still quite a shock that these things could have happened at a place John Wooded built from the ground up with hard work, determination, and doing the right thing.

"Guys drinking, guys doing drugs, guys not taking practice seriously, guys fighting," said one player. "You won't find that on the Pyramid of Success."

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