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UCLA Basketball Scandal: Ben Howland Responds To Sports Illustrated Article

An article by Sports Illustrated writer George Dohrmann about the UCLA Bruins basketball program is expected to be released on Wednesday, the contents of which are still unknown. There have been reports of a possible drug scandal brewing at UCLA, and basketball coach Ben Howland addressed the pending article in his weekly press conference on Tuesday.

Howland didn't address the topic specifically or in detail, but did say he was contacted last week about the upcoming article. He said all the players involved or mentioned in the article were made aware of it, and when asked about a drug problem at the school, Howland did not get into specifics.

"Specifically I can't talk about any former player and student. We have a comprehensive drug policy here at UCLA where anytime someone fails a random drug test I'm alerted and the trainers are alerted," Howland said. "There is a very good, outstanding program is in place where student-athletes from all teams to receive an education, and receive counseling."

About his program, Howland said, "No one is perfect. I would never claim to be that person." That response did not sit well with the folks at Bruins Nation:

Howland can try his best to spin himself as a pathetic figure as someone who is not "perfect." But if the allegations in the stories turn out to be serious, well supported by evidence and embarrass the brand of UCLA, then he and Guerrero will need to be held accountable. Saying "everybody makes mistakes" will not be good enough.

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