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Arizona vs. UCLA 2012: "L.A. Nights" uniforms a big success

The Bruins faithful really liked the uniforms UCLA unveiled on Saturday night against Arizona.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

The UCLA Bruins hammered the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday night, which basically gives them control of their own destiny in the Pac-12 South. Not only did the Bruins look good in a football sense, but they also looked awfully sharp in their new "L.A. Nights" uniforms. It was a great night for Homecoming at UCLA and one that could have a big effect on the program moving forward.

The guys over at Bruins Nation were thrilled with the way the uniforms turned out. And while BN hoped to wear them a bit more often, they also had one request of the athletic department for future games.

No, I'm not saying we need to emulate the Ducks and roll out a new crazy uniform each and every week, but a transition back to the Clarendon font is not only tipping our hats to our football uniform heritage, but it makes UCLA's uniform all the more unique. Now, if we can only get Adidas and Chianti Dan to return a true UCLA shoulder stripe, then we'd be set.

The article at Bruins Nation also takes a look back at a few other uniforms worn by the team over the years, which was pretty cool. Be sure to check it out.

It is unclear which direction UCLA will head next with their uniforms. It does seem unlikely that they turn into Oregon-lite with a new combo every weekend, although players (and recruits) do like new, innovative things to wear. Does that mean more of the L.A. Nights in Westwood? That seems like a solid bet right now.