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College football rankings: UCLA passes USC in Sagarin computer ratings

Jeff Sagarin's BCS computer rankings have the Bruins one spot ahead of the Trojans.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

After the USC Trojans stumbled against the Oregon Ducks and the UCLA Bruins easily topped the Arizona Wildcats, there's at least one ranking system that like the Bruins more than the Trojans.

Jeff Sagarin's computer rankings, one of the six computer polls the BCS uses to calculate its rankings, has the Bruins ranked at No. 19 in his ELO_CHESS ratings, the version that the BCS uses. USC bows at No. 20 in the latest Sagarin rankings, which are the only BCS computer rankings to be released prior to the primetime release of the BCS rankings each Sunday night.

UCLA took down an Arizona team that actually beat USC just a week prior, and the Bruins beat them handily -- though margin of victory is not considered in Sagarin's rating.

When the BCS rankings are released, the ranks that the Bruins and Trojans receive from Sagarin will look slightly different, as the Ohio St. Buckeyes are excluded from the BCS process. The Buckeyes, in at No. 10 in Sagarin's rankings, are ahead of both the Trojans and Bruins.