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UCLA vs. Arizona final score: Johnathan Franklin sets Bruins rushing record in 66-10 win

The UCLA Bruins must have been inspired by USC's loss to Oregon. The Bruins attempted to match Oregon's 67 points, but could only score, 66. Arizona, on the other hand, scored only 10 points.

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

UCLA scored it's first touchdown with 12:27 remaining in the first quarter. The Bruins scored their ninth touchdown of the game with 5:47 left in the fourth. The No. 22 Wildcats could not contain the Bruins offense, nor could they get past UCLA's defense. Needless to say, it was a very, very, very long night for Arizona as they lose 66-10 to UCLA.

By the time Arizona put it's first three points on the board, UCLA had already scored four touchdowns. 'Zona's field goal came 6:47 before halftime. The Bruins would make the most of those six minutes by scoring two more touchdowns. The Wildcats went into the locker room down 42-3.

Whatever Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez said to his team at halftime didn't work. Midway through the third quarter, UCLA changed it up and scored a field goal instead of a TD, extending their lead 45-3. Minutes later, Arizona's Ka'Deem Carey proved the Wildcats can actually score touchdowns, too, with a 2 yard rush into the endzone.

That would be it for Arizona's offense. The Bruins, seemingly inspired by Oregon's victory over USC, ran up the score. UCLA scored one more touchdown in the third and two more in the fourth. The game mercifully ended for Arizona five minutes after UCLA's final touchdown with a score of 66-10.

Note: Scary moment in the 4th quarter. Without being hit, Arizona linebacker Hank Hobson collapsed on the field. Hobson was transferred to a back board before being taken out of the Rose Bowl in an ambulance. Per Wildcats' beat writer Ryan Finley's twitter account, Hobson is being evaluated at the hospital; however, he does have movement in his arms and legs and is able to speak with his parents.

Box Score Hero: UCLA first touchdown of the game was scored by senior running back, Johnathan Franklin. It wasn't just any touchdown for Franklin. His 37 yard dash into the end zone made him the all-time leading rusher in UCLA history. Gaston Green's 3,731 yard record had been in place since 1987. Franklin finished Saturday's game with 24 carries for 162 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Rankings Ramifications: Arizona and it's No. 22 are kissing each other good-bye. The pummeling by UCLA, will drop 'Zona out of the Top 25.

But Did They Cover? UCLA came in favored by 3 points. Definitely not enough for 'Zona.

Next Week's Schedule: The Bruins head up north to face Washington State. Arizona returns home to face Colorado.

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