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Oregon tops Oregon State; UCLA on road for Pac-12 Championship Game

UCLA will play for the Pac-12 Championship on the road, that much is certain. Who and where they play depends on whether they beat Stanford on Saturday night.

Steve Dykes

With the Oregon Ducks picking up the win over the Oregon St. Beavers on Saturday, one thing about the location of the Pac-12 Championship game is set: it won't be the Rose Bowl. The UCLA Bruins clinched the Pac-12 South with a win over the USC Trojans, but the North division is still up in the air.

If the Stanford Cardinal beats UCLA on Saturday night, Stanford takes the North and the championship game will be in Palo Alto. If the Bruins take out Stanford, Oregon gets the division crown and the championship game will be in Eugene.

Oregon State hung with the Beavers early, but by the third quarter Oregon led 34-17 and showed few signs of letting up. Things finished up in Oregon's favor, 48-24, leaving their window to the Pac-12 title open.

In a sense, UCLA has an opportunity to pick its opponent for the championship game. Given how Jim Mora has coached and the overall attitude of the team, though, it would be misguided to expect anything other than a full effort to win

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