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UCLA Football: Devin Fuller remains receiver; O-Line may change

UCLA head coach Jim Mora talked with the media after practice on Monday, and touched on some key topics about the future of the offense.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

Highly touted UCLA freshman Devin Fuller will stay at wide receiver, as the former high school quarterback is eager to get on the field. The move isn't permanent, and he will go back to competing at the quarterback position in spring camp, head coach Jim Mora told the media on Monday.

Fuller was rated the No. 3 quarterback in the nation by He committed to the Bruins over offers from Alabama, Nebraska, Notre Dame and many other BCS schools.

Mora was also asked about possible changes on the offensive line. He said that could always happen, because he wants to make sure guys are putting out their best effort:

I think it's important you're always looking to upgrade your team and create competition and push guys to push the best they can be. So if we can find a better combination then we'll find it. I think that this is a pretty good combination. Very young, a lot of room for growth, struggles sometimes, but it's a group I'm excited to watch develop. But we're going to try to win the game we're playing. We're not going to sacrifice a game for experience.

The coach goes on to discuss that he is playing his best players, regardless of their age. He wouldn't be playing the young guys for the sake of experience, he is putting them out there because they have performed.

UCLA will try to bounce back from its loss to California when it hosts Utah on Saturday.