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John Wooden statue unveiled at Pauley Pavilion

UCLA unveiled an 8 ft. tall likeness of the coaching legend in front of the arena he made famous on Friday.

Kevork Djansezian

Former UCLA Bruins coach John Wooden was officially immortalized on Friday, as an 8 ft. bronze likeness of the legend was unveiled in front of Pauley Pavilion.

The statue was displayed in conjunction with the newly-renovated arena and it features Wooden with his arms folded and a focused, determined look on his face that both Bruins fans and college basketball fans alike had grown accustomed to seeing during the heyday of UCLA basketball. The statue is located alongside Bruin Walk, which is a major pathway between student housing and classrooms that runs adjacent to the famous arena.

The monument weights 400 pounds and is the masterpiece of well-known artist Blair Buswell.

"I just wanted people to be able to look at him and say, 'there's John Wooden,'" she explained. "I don't think there's any doubt."

Wooden was not one to draw attention to himself, so he likely would not have championed the idea of a statue to honor his legacy, but everyone associated with the program, both past and present, are in agreement that it is an appropriate fixture for the school's storied basketball program.