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NCAA investigations into Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson drag on as UCLA waits

Two of UCLA's lauded class of freshmen still have no idea where their NCAA investigations stand.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The situation involving the eligibility of incoming UCLA Bruins freshmen Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad doesn't seem like it will have a resolution any time in the near future.

The Bruins are in their second full week of practice, but neither player has any idea where the NCAA investigation stands or when a decision might be made, the LA Times reported on Monday.

Muhammad is being investigated for his relationship with a financial planner that gave money to Muhammad's summer team in Las Vegas. Anderson's investigation is reportedly centered around a relationship between his father and NBA agent Thad Foucher.

"We have attempted to answer any question, provide any documentation that we can, but one of the problems is not knowing specifically any real issue or question that the NCAA has," said Robert Orr, the attorney representing Muhammad.

Kyle Anderson Sr. met Foucher over a decade ago in 1999 -- which would put Anderson at five years old. People following the two separate cases sense that the Anderson issue will be resolved sooner than Muhammad's.

Per NCAA rules, both players can practice for about 35 more days with the team. If a decision hasn't been reached by then, they must halt all team activities.

Muhammad and Anderson are two of the centerpieces in UCLA's highly rated incoming class of freshman. The Bruins are No. 13 in the preseason USA Today Coaches Poll, largely off the promise of their phenom freshmen.