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UCLA football to wear alternate 'LA Nights' jerseys Nov. 24 vs. Stanford

UCLA will wear an alternate, navy blue jersey in its game against Stanford.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

Alternate jerseys are all the craze these days in college football and the UCLA Bruins are the latest team to jump on the bandwagon.

While many teams go with black alternate jerseys, the Bruins will wear a navy blue "LA Nights" alternate jerseys when they play Stanford on November 24. Despite being a new alternate jersey, they are also somewhat of a throwback as the number font is similar to previous UCLA uniforms.

Some teams announce alternate jerseys in grand fashion, complete with press releases, fashion shows and plenty of hype. UCLA instead took a low key approach as news of the Bruins alternate jersey spread after they appeared in UCLA's online team store. Without a full release, many of the uniform elements still remain a mystery. The color and style of the pants and socks are still unknown. It's also possible the Bruins will wear a new, alternate helmet to go with the jersey.

UCLA fans will get a full glimpse of the alternate uniform in the Bruins' final home game on November 24.