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UCLA Basketball: David Wear Injury Minor, Able To Practice

UCLA Bruins big man David Wear suffered a minor injury but returned to practice and should play this week.

The Wear twins have had their hiccups since they arrived in Westwood to play basketball for the UCLA Bruins. But for the most part they've done their part. Travis Wear has been rock solid offensively, and David Wear is a step behind. Both are still struggling with other basketball fundamentals like rebounding and defense, but for the most part they've done their part when they've been on the floor.

So it's good news for the Bruins that they won't be losing one of them for any significant period of time. Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times has this report.

UCLA sophomore forward David Wear, who hyper-extended his knee Saturday against Oregon, returned to practice Monday, schools officials said.

Wear had an MRI on his knee Monday, which showed "no significant damage.

Wear is definitely needed the rest of the way this season if UCLA's offensive production isn't dropping off. His development and growth will be cruical to getting the Bruins out of the rut they're in and trying to making a late season run to the NCAA tournament.

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