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Bracketology 2012: UCLA Basketball On The Bubble. Of The NIT.

Yes, the UCLA Bruins are going through strange times. After getting swept up in Oregon, their hopes of capturing the conference crown are fading fast. And with the Pac-12 down, they don't really have a chance to make the tournament at their current record, standing at 10-9 and 3-4 in the conference. This is an average Bruins squad that needs to improve in a hurry to have a chance at making it to the tournament.

To add insult to injury, UCLA might even struggle to make the NIT. CBI crown anyone?

UCLA isn't looking too hot, currently projected as a 7th seed along with fellow Pac-12 contemporaries Colorado and Washington. All of these teams are on the fringe of qualifying, and all will need spectacular performances the next five weeks to get back in the tournament mix. But it's starting to look more like the Bruins will need to keep on winning to play ANY postseason basketball.

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