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UCLA Vs. Oregon: David Wear, Jerime Anderson Have Bruins Up Big, 37-24

The UCLA Bruins have gotten out to a large first half lead over the Oregon Ducks 37-24, mostly on the strength of two big runs. The Bruins have shot a measly 1-8 from the free throw line, but Oregon has been awful from the field shooting 7-31. Much of that is a credit to the Bruin defense, but it's also just some luck that the Bruins came in to face a cold shooting Duck team.

UCLA got out to a 13-4 lead to start the game. Oregon then went on a 8-3 run to cut it to 16-12. After trading baskets for a few minutes, the Bruins went out another big run to give them their 13 point halftime lead.

Of course, Oregon shooting 23.3% from the field would mean nothing if UCLA didn't have a hot hand. Luckily the Bruins are shooing 53.1 % from the field lead by David Wear with 8 points and 6 rebounds. Jerime Anderson was also a big contributor putting in 7 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

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