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Lou Spanos Is The New UCLA Defensive Coordinator

The UCLA Bruins might have found the defensive coordinator they were looking for when Lou Spanos was hired today. Jim Mora welcomed him with this congratulatory tweet.

Here's more on the hire from Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times.

Spanos is the Washington Redskins linebackers coach and has been for most of the past two seasons. Spanos was also a defensive assistant with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the three years previous. He doesn't really have any experience as a defensive coordinator, but he definitely has been a part of successful defenses considering his history with the Steelers. It should be a hire more Bruins fans will be pleasantly pleased with, as they can look for UCLA to have a tougher, more physical edge to them that they've lacked lately.

UCLA has great talent on the defensive side of the football. Is Spanos the man to lead them to greatness?

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