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PHOTO: UCLA Basketball History, John Wooden Shows Adidas PHOTO: UCLA Basketball History, Where John Wooden Shows Adidas RootsRoots

For all the people out there who tout John Wooden, they sure don't listen to his advice when it comes to shoes.
Of course, there was no Nike back then, but sometimes you just go with what works, right?

This image from the Sports Illustrated vault Twitter feed shows that Wooden was an Adidas guy through and through. View it after the jump.


Wooden is pictured here with Henry Bibby.

UCLA has been an Adidas school ever since the time of Wooden. Some would argue UCLA should switch to Nike to try and attract high-profile football and basketball recruits and adapt to the times. But for now they remain firmly attached to Adidas, perhaps partly to honor Wooden's legacy.

I'd imagine Wooden finds this whole sneaker debate pretty amusing and would wonder what the fuss is over what you wear down low. Seems to make a big difference though!

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