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UCLA Vs. San Jose State: Kevin Prince "50-50" For Saturday

UCLA Bruins quarterback Kevin Prince is 50-50 to play Saturday against the San Jose State Spartans, although Richard Brehaut is also likely to play. Head coach Rick Neuheisel is insistent on Prince and Brehaut sharing snaps.

The UCLA Bruins will try to gear up and get back on the winning path this upcoming week against the San Jose St. Spartans. The big question centers around the status of their starting quarterback. Kevin Prince got injured last Saturday against Houston with a shoulder sprain and concussion, and Richard Brehaut had to fill in.

But it's looking like UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel is suffering from indecision when it comes to who he wants to pick. Peter Yoon of ESPN Los Angeles has more.

"X-rays were negative, there was zero in the way of an MRI problem, so it's about comfort," Neuheisel said. "And I know he's desperate to play."

Neuheisel tabbed Prince as the starter over Richard Brehaut after a camp-long battle for the starting job, but insisted both would play in the season opener. Brehaut passed for 264 yards and two touchdowns in relief, but Neuheisel said he would wait and see Prince's status before committing to a starter.

"If he's available and hasn't practiced much, then I would say we'd start Richard but we'd play Kevin," Neuheisel said. "Richard played really well. But so was Kevin playing well until the injury. I don't see any reason not to keep them both in the mix should they both be healthy.

It's hard to see what the rush is to bring Prince back from a sprained shoulder. It's San Jose State. There's no need to put Prince out there when he has a capable backup in Brehaut to spell him. Neuheisel should probably consider giving Brehaut extended starter reps and giving Prince a chance to rest rather than risking further injury to Prince's shoulder when it hasn't fully healed.

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