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UCLA Vs. Houston Update: Bruins Score Twice After Halftime

UCLA needed a huge push out of the locker room after Houston scored two late touchdowns to put the Bruins down 31-14 at halftime. They got that push, twice, from backup quarterback Richard Brehaut. With a 54 yard pass on the first play from scrimmage in the second half, Brehaut has sparked the Bruins to come back within a field goal at the end of the third quarter: 31-28.

That 54 yard pass from Brehaut led to a one yard dash from Coleman to score the Bruin touchdown. Houston then had a chance to punch right back, but fumbled the ball on the UCLA four yard line. UCLA then marched 95 yards to put the game back within reach.

The only sour note for UCLA in the third quarter was the announcement that Kevin Prince would be kept out with concussion symptoms. He's currently being evaluated, but concussion rules have changed greatly in football as more medical information has come out, so it's likely he'll be kept out for a fair amount of time. He landed on his head after having his legs taken out, trying to jump over a defender. 

While the quarterbacks have been the story in this shootout, UCLA scored it’s second touchdown thanks to a big play from running back Jonathan Franklin. His 29 yard run to the right from the UCLA 12 put the Bruins in a position to get some points out of the drive. Brehaut then got the final 22 yards of the drive himself, with a 21 yard run from a designed run fake bootleg play out of the pistol. He then made the 1 yard dive himself.

Houston was back to running their efficient, quick nickel and dime offense as the third quarter ended. They have the ball at the 50 yard line, as it’s anybody’s ballgame in the fourth.