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UCLA Vs. Houston: Bruins Keep Score Close 'Til End

It was a back and forth seesaw battle in the first half, but Houston got the last few punches in and went into the locker room up seventeen. With only 2:17 left in the half, Houston made two quick drives, and like a heavyweight with a dazed opponent, they put UCLA deep in the hole. A 23 yard pass from Keenum on Houston’s last drive put UCLA down 14-31. The last scoring drive only lasted 27 seconds.

Houston had another short drive, this one more in time passed than in yards. It only took two positive plays and wrapped up in under a minute. Two big rushes put Houston in the end zone.

Richard Brehaut made his own big play, with a 25 yard pass over the middle from the Houston 30 to Joseph Fauria. This set up a short five yard completion for the UCLA touchdown. The score kept UCLA within a field goal with Kevin Prince still on the sideline.

It was an important drive, as Houston had just run it’s offense efficiently into the endzone. Case Keenum was unsurprising as he dinked down the field with precision. Nine yard, eight yard, seven yards, even took it himself for nine. Beall made the caping rush to put Houston temporarily up ten.

UCLA will receive the ball to begin the second half. But they have an uphill battle ahead of them, as Houston appears to have rung their bell. It’ll take a huge second half effort for the Bruins to come back in this one.