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UCLA Vs. Houston Score Update: Bruins Stay In It, Injured Prince Doesn't

Kevin Prince is out of the game with an injury, but not before he got UCLA back into the game. On third down and four from the Houston fourty seven yard line, Kevin Prince made a 29 yard throw that set up UCLA’s first touchdown. Jonathan Franklin right right then cut left, weaving for eighteen yards through the Houston Cougar defense. UCLA still trailed 7-10.

The big play drive stood in stark contrast to Houston’s game plan to this point. The Cougars have not had a pass go for over 25 yards, and have ran the majority of their running plays up the middle. UCLA has gotten 37 yards running to the sidelines, and are averaging just 2.1 yards up the middle.

The biggest story is Kevin Prince’s injury. With UCLA in Cougar territory, Prince was flipped by a Houston defender who caught Prince on the left knee. But it was Prince’s neck and hands that were damaged, as he sat on the sideline with his helmet off. It was a stark contrast to his incident last year, arguing with the trainer. He looked calm, accepting of the situation, staring at his hands.