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UCLA Football News: Richard Brehaut Will Start Vs. Oregon State

Richard Brehaut was named the UCLA starting quarterback by head coach Rick Neuheisel for the Pac-12 season opener against Oregon State.

The UCLA Bruins might have finally resolved their quarterback battle, although it wasn't exactly via positive results. UCLA football head coach Rick Neuheisel announced that Richard Brehaut will be starting this Saturday over Kevin Prince after the 49-20 home blowout loss to Texas. It's the first time that Neuheisel has made a decisive commitment to either Brehaut or Prince before any of the team's games this year, which probably means that Breahut will be the number one from here on out.

Prince struggled mightily in his start against Texas. He completed six of his seven passes, but three of his completions went to Longhorn defenders. Brehaut wasn't too much better (only 8 of 19 overall), but he was more effective in moving the Bruins offense than Prince and guided UCLA on their four scoring drives. Brehaut has been the more productive quarterback this season overall, although he's had his own struggles (particularly in the season home opener against San Jose State).

With Prince in his junior season, this could potentially end his career as a Bruin starting quarterback if Brehaut holds onto the job. Since that would require Brehaut to hold onto the job, I wouldn't say you've seen the last of Prince.

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