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UCLA Vs. Texas: Kevin Prince Benched After Three Interceptions In First Quarter

In last season's 34-12 win over the Texas Longhorns in Austin, the UCLA Bruins threw only nine passes, including eight by Kevin Prince. In the first quarter on Saturday afternoon at the Rose Bowl, Prince threw seven passes, and three of those were intercepted, and he has been benched in favor of Richard Brehaut. Texas leads UCLA 21-0 early in the second quarter.

Prince completed three passes for 26 yards, and ran for 26 more, but the three interceptions were killers. Down 7-0, the Bruins were forced to punt, but a fumble on the return by Jaxon Shipley gave UCLA the ball in the red zone. Then, on a third-and-seven play within field goal range, Texas blitzed and Prince threw an ill-advised pass that was tipped for his second interception of the quarter.

Prince's final pass of the quarter was picked off by Eyron Barnett at the Texas 44-yard line, and the Longhorns opened the second quarter with a 56-yard drive to go up 21-0.

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