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UCLA Vs. Texas: Kevin Prince Starts At Quarterback For Bruins

The UCLA Bruins have Kevin Prince under center to start their game against the Texas Longhorns Saturday afternoon at the Rose Bowl. Prince was an integral part of last season's 34-12 Bruins' win in Austin, running for 50 yards. He ran for one touchdown and threw for another. Prince only threw eight passes for 27 yards in the win, but the Bruins were so dominant on the ground it didn't matter.

Prince missed last week against San Jose State while recovering from a concussion he received in the opening game in Houston. "Kevin's healthy. We're excited about what he brings to the offense," head coach Rick Neuheisel said before the game.

Richard Brehaut has completed 29 of 49 passes this season for 409 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. He has also rushed for 122 yards, and wants to play. "Richard is chomping at the bit," Neuheisel said in a sideline interview on ABC before the game.  "We might need both of them to help us win."

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