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UCLA Vs. San Jose State: Bruins Continue To Play Down

I said at the last update that if UCLA didn’t come out strong in the second half, they were going to let San Jose State right back into this one. Well the Bruins managed all of a field goal in the third quarter, while San Jose State put up 10 to make this anyone’s game in the fourth.

San Jose took a page out of the UCLA book, taking just three plays and 1:40 to go 74 yards on their touchdown drive. They started out small gains, but then Brandon Rutley broke a 65 yard run. The huge run is in large part responsible for SJSU having 182 rushing yards to this point, one more than Richard Brehaut’s total yards.

Brehaut stepped it up big last week with 351 total yards. He’ll need to find that big play ability once again, if UCLA are going to avoid the upset. Things are at best concerning at the Rose Bowl right now.