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UCLA Vs. San Jose State: Bruins Get Football Across Line First

UCLA was the first to strike in their game against San Jose State, when Johnathan Franklin rushed 19 yards for the game’s first touchdown. Other than this score, the line between the two teams has been hard to draw, with the teams almost even in first downs, rushing yards, and UCLA getting out thrown 29 yards to 11.

Mostly, this feels like a game that hasn’t gotten started yet. Despite UCLA managing to get the football across the line, the Bruins are playing an opponent they should be rolling over. Yet it looks like they aren’t up for it yet, and neither are the fans. Entire sections of the Rose Bowl are empty and many others are only sparingly filled.

Richard Brehaut started at quarterback tonight, which means both teams are using backup quarterbacks because the game one starters are out with concussion symptoms. The team that wins this game will be the one who’s backup sees it as an opportunity to make a real statement for themselves.