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UCLA Vs. Houston: Rick Neuheisel Will Announce Bruins Starting QB Wednesday

UCLA football head coach Rick Neuheisel is close to naming the starter at quarterback for the season-opener at Houston. Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut both believe they'll win the job.

The UCLA Bruins have had the only real competitive starting quarterback competition of fall camp in the Pac-12. Almost everyone else in the conference has had an established starter, or a new face from spring holding off the challengers. But Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut have been battling, and they've been nearly equal in their relative level of performance.

So equal, that head coach Rick Neuheisel is giving himself 48 more hours to come to a decision. Here is video of his press conference after practice.

(via UCLA)

Neuheisel seems confident in both Brehaut and Prince to run two minute offense, and is satisfied at how well the two have responded to competition. Greg Beachem of the Associated Press reports that both Prince and Brehaut believe they have a chance of being named the starter Wednesday, which could mean that even if a starter is named for Houston, the competition could continue all season. Perhaps right through the opening game, which shouldn't exhaust the fanbase at all.

Rick Neuheisel can't afford any margin for error this season, so while it's encouraging that he has two quarterbacks improving as they fight to become the best of the lot in Westwood, it has to really gnaw at him that he can't distinguish the better man for the job. The lack of hierarchy at signal-caller will cause all sorts of second-guessing with his decisions if he needs to shuffle things up, and the rumblings for his head will volcano up.

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