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UCLA Bruins Football: Kevin Prince & Richard Brehaut To Both Play In Season Opener?

The quarterback battle in Westwood could be dragging on right into the regular season. UCLA Bruins head coach Rick Neuheisel isn't ruling out giving both Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut relevant snaps in the first game of the season against the Houston Cougars. Neither has really separated themselves enough to be declared the de facto starter, and with both putting up similar results in practice. Tracy Pierson of the UCLA Scout site seems to believe that Prince will start, but Brehaut will be right there behind him when Prince struggles.

It isn't the easiest situation when you have two quarterbacks performing at a similar level. For one, if the starter struggles, you have a backup who's more than capable of coming in and putting up similar numbers. If you leave the starter in and he continues to struggle, you'll get trashed for keeping him in. But if Neuheisel takes him out and the backup struggles, then you're left in a nightmare scenario where both the starter, the backup, and the coach look bad, and the offense is back where it started.

It's a complex game theory problem Neuheisel will have to deal with this season, potentially all season. UCLA's quarterback woes might not be as extreme as they once were, but they're far from rectified. If Prince starts, he needs to be ready to excel, or otherwise Brehaut could be in there very quickly.

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