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Latest Bracketology Projects Bruins As An 8-Seed

Fresh off a three-game win streak that included a 64-50 trouncing of USC, the basketball Bruins are gaining ground in bracketology projections. They're all over the map in seeding predictions, but as Bruins Nation points out, even fans are having a hard time pinning this team's identity down:

UCLA is a bit of statistical oddity within the PAC 10.  Despite being in second place. as a team we lead the PAC 10 in as many categories as we are in last place: ONE.  UCLA is by far the worst team in the conference in turnover margin with a difference more than 3 times the 9th place team and  UCLA leads the PAC 10 in blocked shots.  In most statistically categories as a team we are in the middle.  Looking only at the team statistics for the PAC you would not think we were a second place team.

SB Nation's official bracketology projections have the Bruins listed as an 8-seed right now, joining 6-seed Arizona and 7-seed Washington as Pac-10 representatives. For more on the Bruins' outlook, visit Blogging The Bracket's regional profiles page.