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UCLA Vs. USC: Reaction From Bruins Nation And Conquest Chronicles

The best part about being in the SB Nation network is that you can get reaction straight from the keyboards of every team's most passionate fans. So when a game features two teams from our immediate area, we can get information from both sides of the coin, which is the case with UCLA's 64-50 victory over USC last night.

Since history is written by the winners, we'll start with UCLA and our Bruins Nation blog, who think this is a win that could get the Bruins back on track, and validate some of the players on the team.

Breaking the streak was necessary. Beating this very average team was necessary (for our tournament profile). But props to them for getting it done, and congratulations to Zeek, who had said that he's not officially a Bruin until he beat the Trogans. Well Zeek, you're a Bruin now, and as a Bruin, it'll be on you to bring that same intensity on Saturday.

There is nothing like a cross-town rivalry to get a team to play better than they have been. Maybe they can use the good vibes from this victory to help with a late season charge towards the NCAA tournament.

As for the Trojans, they didn't have a big game recap on Conquest Chronicles. They didn't have very much at all actually. Just one line that kind of summed everything up.

The Monopoly is still in place pal...

The cross-town rivalry seems to have had the reverse affect on the Trojans, who don't seem to be happy with the current state of affairs. A loss to the cross-town rival will do that to you.