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2011 Bowl Projections: Commitments Rolling In Ahead Of Official Announcement

The one 2011 Pac-12 Bowl matchup known for sure is the Oregon Ducks vs. the Wisconsin Badgers in the 2012 Rose Bowl. Other than the Ducks and Badgers marching in the Rose Parade and taking a tour of Disneyland, the rest of the match-ups have been projections, however commitments are starting to roll in over twitter. 

San Antonio Express-News now reporting Baylor has been invited to Alamo Bowl:
12/4/11 2:57 PM

This tweet from the Huskies beat reporter for the Seattle Times, based on a report in the San Antonio Express-News would put the 9-3 Baylor Bears in a matchup against the Washington Huskies matchup in the Alamo Bowl. Early projections had either Baylor or Oklahoma in the bowl. 

The Holiday Bowl previously had second pick of Pac 12 teams, but the Alamo outbid the Holiday last year to make them the second choice bowl. The third choice Holiday Bowl also appears locked in. 

Texas vs. Cal in Holiday Bowl
12/4/11 2:58 PM

This from a reporter from the San Diego Union Tribune. Cal was considered a lock for the Holiday Bowl, but it was unconfirmed whether they would face 7-5 Texas or 7-5 Missouri. The means Missouri is likely headed for the Pinstripe Bowl in New York. 

Boise State and TCU are not in the BCS. Boise to Vegas. TCU to Poinsettia. Possible late deal to get Air Force into Military.
12/4/11 3:06 PM

Boise St. dropping out of BCS range means they'll take on 6-6 Arizona State in the Las Vegas bowl most likely. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl has all but confirmed UCLA, but their opponent is rumored to be any number of teams. Illinois, Iowa St, Wyoming, San Diego State, and Nevada have all been thrown out as possible opponents.