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2011 Fight Hunger Bowl: What Is Kraft Using To Fight Hunger? Garbage Foods.

Collegiate athletes are on the whole healthy active people who need the right kind of sustenence to preform at the highest level possible. Now, they don't always get that kind of nutrition, but I'd like to think that they try, but the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl certainly isn't helping their cause.

I know, lots of college kids eat like crap, even the athletes. I don't know what the people putting on the Bowl are feeding the UCLA Bruins and Illinois Fighting Illini, but I'd have to imagine there are some Kraft products in there, which I hope they eat in moderation. As a reminder, Kraft also owns things like Miracle Whip, Oscar Meyer, Oreo, Planters nuts, Ritz crackers, Capri-Sun, and of course a litany of cheese and processed cheese products. Not exactly part of a complete breakfast if you ask me.

I did some research and according to only seven of the hundreds of Kraft products they sell have an 'A' or 'A-' rating, while over half of them have 'D' or 'F' ratings. Granted, Kraft does sell a lot of cheese, but you can see for yourself the nutritional value of everything they sell. Lots and lots of enriched grains and high fructose corn syrup for sure, the perfect start to any Bowl game!

So remember Kraft people, make sure the athletes don't get fed the products you are promoting because they'll be sluggish and lazy, but feel free to load up America's kids with oreos wrapped in kraft singles dipped in miracle whip ad nauseum.