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Jim Mora To UCLA: National Media Reacts, Views Hiring As A Failure

The UCLA Bruins have found their next head coach in Jim L. Mora in what was a surprising and unexpected hire. While Bruins fans let the hiring sink in over the next few days, the national and local media media are already weighing in on the move. Let's take a look at some of the reaction around Twitter and the message boards:

Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated:

Nice work, UCLA. I'm sure Mora will be the next Carroll and not Chan Gailey, Bill Callahan, Al Groh, Mike Sherman, Charlie Weis, et. al.

Some people seemed to miss the sarcasm in my Mora column. UCLA just made the 2nd-worst hire of the offseason. And I can't say I'm surprised.

Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports:

The problem with UCLA the past few years: defense and talent development. Mora hire really only addresses one and just sort of.

Bruins Nation also weighs in:

Jim Mora is no one's top choice. He was not wanted by anyone in college football. If the report dropped late late Friday night is true, he would be taking over a team with talent that should be able to win a weak PAC 12 South next season. We expect him to deliver if the choice has actually been made.

More telling is once again how Chianti Dan blew this chance. This was unlike pass searches; the money was there for a big name. However, we ended up with a guy who had never coached in college and had not been a head coach in years.

Needless to say, it sure does not seem like too many are happy with the hire. Now, Bruins fans have to simply sit and wait and see which direction the program heads in the coming years.