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UCLA Football To Play In Cowboys Stadium

As the UCLA football program looks to get itself back into the national spotlight, Athletic Director Dan Guerrero announced in his weekly blog at Wednesday that the school is in talks with the Dallas Cowboys to have the Bruins play a regular season game at Cowboys Stadium in an upcoming season. Make the jump to learn more.  

Guerrero mentioned his trip there back in 2008, meeting with Jerry Jones and trying to come up with a plan back then about it. But, the AD is very confident that the Bruins will be playing in Big D much sooner than later:

"I am pleased to announce that this vision will come true in the not-so-distant future. We have negotiated a deal that will feature the Bruins playing an early-season game against a marquee opponent at Cowboys Stadium. An official announcement should be coming in the next few days."    

I wonder who they'd get to play the Bruins for that one, because I don't know how many rivals the Bruins actually have in football outside of the Pac-12. Either way, it'll be a fun one for the players and fans alike, and an experience they certainly won't forget.