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UCLA Football Granted Bowl Waiver By NCAA If They Lose Pac-12 Championship Game

The UCLA Bruins football team was in a strange situation this week. Despite being a 6-6 football team that only went 5-4 in conference play, it was enough to win a pretty bad Pac-12 South Division with the USC Trojans on probation. UCLA will thus be playing in the inaugural 2011 Pac-12 Championship game, and if they beat the Oregon Ducks they go to the Rose Bowl. If they lose, they'd have been at 6-7, and technically would not qualify for a bowl automatically since they have a losing record.

UCLA has appealed to the NCAA though, and it looks like there will be one more game for the Bruins to play win or lose. Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports reports.

The NCAA approved the UCLA football team’s petition for a bowl waiver should the Bruins not defeat Oregon, per UCLA SID.
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If UCLA does fall to 6-7, they could probably be the first 6-8 college football team ever if they lose their bowl game. UCLA is now likely to be selected for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, the next in-line in the Pac-12 bids behind the bowls that should take the remaining teams eligible in the conference.

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