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UCLA Vs. Oregon, Pac-12 Championship Game 2011: Bruins Try And Win One For Rick Neuheisel

The UCLA Bruins will be playing their final game with head coach Rick Neuheisel this week; Neuheisel has been let go to make way for a new leader and age to take place in Westwood.

But that doesn't mean they can't win Friday night against the Oregon Ducks.

UCLA doesn't have an untalented team, just a woefully inconsistent one that doesn't seem to have any confidence on the road. Obviously the game will be in the highly hostile Autzen Stadium, but UCLA generally tends to play bad one week and great the next week. Considering UCLA has gotten the bad game out of their system with their utter humiliation against USC, perhaps this is the week they rise up and score the upset of the year and earn a Rose Bowl berth.

It's not very likely. But players rallying around a fallen head coach is one of the well-known phenomena in sport, so don't rule it out.

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