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Chris Peterson To UCLA: One Bronco Nation Investigates

With the success that the Boise State Broncos have had over the last several seasons it no wonder that coach Chris Petersen has not gotten more attention. With the UCLA Bruins announcing their intent to go after Petersen int he offseason it is no wonder that Boise fans are a little nervous. SB Nation's One Bronco Nation wrote about the situation on Tuesday:

To get things started, the UCLA Bruins are reportedly interested in hiring Petersen to replace Rick Neuheisel, like, yesterday, and to prove how serious they are, Bruin athletic director Dan Guerrero will be traveling to Boise with pockets full of cash to woo Coach Pete away. 

We are currently at Threat Level Fat Chance.

One Bronco Nation does not seem to think there is much of a chance that Petersen will end up in Los Angeles. They cite that he was not very interested the last time the UCLA job came open, and they don't think much else has changed.