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Rick Neuheisel Fired: Tom Cable Mentioned As UCLA Football Head Coach Candidate

The UCLA Bruins are looking for a new head coach after they relieved Rick Neuheisel of duties. One potential candidate that's been circulated (and probably just circulated, which means you shouldn't take it too seriously) is Tom Cable. Steve Corkran with the story.

Former #Raiders coach Tom Cable's name being bandied about as potential replacement for fired UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel.
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There are a few things to like about Cable.

  • He was the offensive coordinator for the Bruins in 2004 and 2005, when UCLA enjoyed their greatest success as a program the past decade.
  • He has good experience on the offensive line, where UCLA has struggled lately.
  • He helped turn around the Oakland Raiders and bring them back to respectability with an 8-8 season last year.

There are a few things not to like about Cable.

  • He's been a bad college football coach so far, going 11-35 at Idaho. Note: It was Idaho, but still.
  • He's associated with Pete Carroll as he's worked with the Seahawks this season.
  • He's had misconduct issues, both personal and professional.

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