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Reeves Nelson Returns To UCLA Basketball, Should Travel To Maui Invitational

The UCLA Bruins might finally have their first taste of good news this week, as it appears Reeves Nelson is heading back into action after his troubling suspension. Courtney Jones of Fox Sports West reports that's she's hearing that the Bruins forward will return to practice tomorrow and will travel to Hawaii in the Maui Invitational.

Nelson has been the emotional leader of the Bruins the past two seasons, and if there's anything that's been lacking in their two defeats this season, it's emotional intensity. They need Nelson's energy to really infuse the lackluster defensive efforts of their basketball team in their first two contests. With contests against either Kansas or Georgetown (as well as Texas) forthcoming, UCLA needs that effort to really stay in those games.

UCLA will have to figure out how they play Nelson in this lineup with so many bigs though, or these issues can boil to the surface again. Ben Howland needs to figure out how to use all the talent he's been given in the proper manner or this team is going to find themselves in a deep, deep hole.

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