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UCLA Basketball News: Reeves Nelson Suspended Indefinitely By Ben Howland

It looks like the situation is only getting worse in Westwood. UCLA has already suspended Jerime Anderson this season and lost in embarrassing fashion at home. Now it appears one of the hardest workers on their team will be sitting out for a significant period of time, as Reeves Nelson was disciplined for his on-court conduct. Peter Yoon of ESPN Los Angeles with the report.

UCLA Bruins basketball coach Ben Howland has suspended junior forward Reeves Nelson indefinitely because of attitude issues that have surfaced during the past several weeks, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Nelson did not show up for practice Monday, when the two were supposed to meet face to face, but Howland spoke to Nelson on the phone. The length of the suspension will be determined when the two meet face to face, but Nelson is not expected to attend UCLA's game against Middle Tennessee State on Tuesday at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports later confirmed the story.

It's not hard to see why Nelson would be moping on what looks like one of the most talented frontcourts in the nation. UCLA has a lot of players juggling around at one position (David Wear, Travis Wear and Brendan Lane can all play the four where Nelson is usually situated), so he often has to play in different spots on the floor. And Nelson has always struggled to be consistent because of his emotional swings.

Still, UCLA needs Nelson to snap out of it soon. The Bruins don't have many players remaining from last year's NCAA tournament squad, and their bid to win the Pac-12 could erode in a hurry if these new Bruins don't learn how to play with the same drive Nelson often shows.

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