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UCLA vs. Washington St: Bruins Down 9-7 At Halftime

It’s been a low scoring, low offense game so far. Washington State has managed three five minute field goal drives, while UCLA managed to push the ball over the goal line with the backup quarterback at the helm. Richard Brehaut started the game, but had to be taken out on the cart with an apparent ankle injury.

Kevin Prince, who began the season as the starter, had to come in and has thrown for fifty yards. Most of that was a 41 yard pass to Nelson Rosario, which was called a touchdown on the field but was overturned on replay. Derrick Coleman ran it in from the one yard line to give UCLA the points they’d thought they’d already earned.

The 42 yard pass turning into a 41 yard pass also means that Prince has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns since coming in for Brehaut. On the Cougar 15, Prince threw for the corner of the end zone but was picked off by Damante Horton. The interception kept the score 9-7 going into halftime.

This is a game that’s shaping up to come down to the final drive, but not in a good way. Washington State needs to prove they can do more than get three points in the red zone. While UCLA needs to prove that it can sustain drives under Kevin Prince.

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