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UCLA Vs. Cal: Bruins Dominate Second Quarter, Lead At Half

In the battle between the California Golden Bears and their Southern Branch, the UCLA Bruins have the upper hand after a big second quarter. The Bruins passing game has suffered with those suspensions depleting the depth chart, but Kevin Prince has used his legs to get the offense going. With three scores on three turnovers, this game has been defined more by incompetence than great play.

Cal was the first to score, after getting the ball on the UCLA 30. Kevin Prince had broken out for a 21 yard rush, but coughed it up when hit by Steve Williams, right into the arms of Dan Camporeale. It took two and half minutes for Cal’s Isi Sofele to punch in a one yard touchdown run to put Cal up 7-0.

UCLA tied it up with the game’s longest drive (four minutes), which included a 32 yard Kevin Prince rush and a 19 yard completion to Nelson Rosario; the longest run and pass plays of the game. Jonathan Franklin completed the drive with an eleven yard touchdown run.

UCLA then went ahead with a field goal after a Cal’s Zach Maynard threw an interception, and a touchdown after Isi Sofele fumbled the ball on the first play of a new Cal drive. Those two scoring drives for UCLA came in just over a minute. On the touchdown drive, Derrick Coleman ran it on fourth and two to extend the drive, then ran it in for the touchdown the next play.