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UCLA Vs. Cal: Jerry Rice Jr. Makes First Bruin Catch

Jerry Rice Jr., the son of NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice, had never played in a game for the UCLA Bruins before today. The walk-on sophomore got the opportunity to start after the Bruin depth chart was depleted with suspensions. In the second quarter of the game against Cal, Jerry Rice Jr. made his first ever catch.

Time will tell if this is the first in many catches and a career in football like his dad. The catch, a seven yard out on third down, didn’t move the chains but it surely was a boost to Rice Jr.’s confidence.

While it’s a nice note, UCLA’s passing game has been largely non-existant. Kevin Prince has rushed for more yards than he’s thrown for (64 rushing, 51 throwing). Josh Smith caught a pass for four yards, but the only real passing plays have been completed to Prince’s only remaining regular passing target; Nelson Rosario.