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UCLA Football Apathetic, According to WR Randall Carroll

The UCLA Bruins put out one of the most uninspiring efforts of the season against the Arizona Wildcats, and it looked as if their hearts were never into the game to begin with. In fact, UCLA wide receiver Randall Carroll had this pretty shocking remark to say about his team's effort last Thursday night (HT to Nestor of Bruins Nation for finding this).

"Not everyone was into the game ... as usual"

This is sadly not a surprising remark. UCLA's product on the football field has been pretty tough sledding for quite some time, and the results have borne it out with only one bowl appearance (and that wasn't even in a regular Pac-12 tie-in bowl). Tough times for Rick Neuheisel-led teams.

Carroll could only handle the apathy for one half against Arizona before brawling it up with Wildcats defenders. He's suspended for Saturday's game against Cal, where he will have to watch his team's apathy on a TV monitor.