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UCLA Football, Rick Neuheisel Embarrassed By Arizona In Tucson, Falls 48-12

The UCLA Bruins had a Thursday night game against the Arizona Wildcats. It did not go well. It went I'd say the opposite of well.

UCLA allowed six straight touchdowns on six straight drives. Nick Foles threw three touchdown passes to Juron Criner (one coming off a UCLA defensive fail, another coming from an incredible catch, and another from straight beating coverage). The Arizona rushing attack (one of the worst in the country) exploded for 255 rushing yards behind a five back lineup of Keoala Antoliin, Ka'Deem Carey, Daniel Jenkins, Taimi Tutogi and Kylan Bulter. Foles passed for 290 yards and completed 26 of 39 passes, plus had the three scores.

More galling was the performance of the UCLA rush offense. The Bruins rush attack accumulated 37 rushing yards on 25 carries against one of the most putrid Arizona run defenses in the country, as Johnathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman barely managed any rush attack early, forcing Kevin Prince to throw a lot. That's not what Prince is very good at, as he completed less than 50% of his passes.

Did I mention a fight? There was a fight.

Rick Neuheisel has a lot to answer for before next week's game against Cal. UCLA is still 3-4, but the season is in danger of going south if he can't regain control of his team.

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