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ANIMATED: UCLA Defense, Sheldon Price Fails Against Juron Criner

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You only need one image to encapsulate what's gone on so far between the Arizona Wildcats and the UCLA Bruins. First drive of the game with Arizona wide receiver Juron Criner versus UCLA cornerback Sheldon Price, and this happens at the goal-line.


Arizona went up 7-0. The Wildcats haven't looked back since then, and the Bruins haven't been able to stop them.

UCLA is getting pummeled on defense right now on both the running and passing sides of the ball, and that Criner move to put Price on the ground is pretty emblematic of the defensive effort for the Bruins at this game. UCLA defensive coordinator Joe Tressey isn't likely to be long for Westwood this rate, and Rick Neuheisel has to be watching his back too.

For more on the game from the perspective of UCLA fans, Bruins Nation is where to go. For more on this game from the perspective of Arizona fans, check out Arizona Desert Swarm.