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PHOTO: UCLA Football Alternate Marble Helmets NOT To Be Worn Vs. Arizona

If there's any team that is a stickler for tradition, at least with regard to helmets and uniforms, it's the UCLA Bruins football team. And why not? UCLA has some of the most beautiful jerseys in college football, with the solid gold domes and the sweet powder-blue jerseys. I think there are a lot of players that would love to play in Bruin baby blue when given the chance.

UCLA did change things up with a strange-looking modification to the original design last season that didn't please the Westwood faithful in the slightest. And now the Daily Bruin tweeted a photo that would've sent UCLA into total shock.


The Daily Bruin later reported that this helmet wouldn't be worn and were originally designed 8-10 years back, but man. Imagine the fall-out if these things ever saw the lights of a Pac-12 football game. The team might as well be ready to break out in a Woodstock revival.

However, UCLA AD Dan Guerrero plans to be working with Adidas on "meaningful changes", so expect the once-stylish Bruins football uniform to get a do-over.

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