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Brandon Willis Won't Be Playing UCLA Football This Season

Brandon Willis has gotten a lot of pub for a football player who has yet to see the field in over a year and a half. And he won't be seeing the field for the rest of this season either.

The UCLA Bruins defensive tackle, who has transferred from North Carolina to UCLA back to North Carolina back to UCLA, has been denied an immediate waiver by the NCAA according to Chris Foster of the Los Angeles Times. This isn't a huge blow--the Bruins defensive line has been playing better week-by-week, but you'd like to see Willis hit the field sooner rather than later, but at this juncture it'd probably make a better decisiosn to redsjoot you.

Willis will have to sit out the rest of this season, but can likely see action next season--you know, if he doesn't change his mind again and look back fondly at his lovely vacation at Chapel Hill. That sort of thing happens to everyone though.

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